Enhance Your Countertops With Durable Epoxy

Enhance Your Countertops With Durable Epoxy

Get epoxy countertops for your Centertown, MO home

Epoxy is a clear, durable coating that can be used in a variety of spaces-your kitchen and bathroom included. If you want to give your countertops a beautiful shine that will last for years, contact Olsen Concrete/Excavation, LLC. We can coat your countertops in epoxy with ease.

Call today to learn more about epoxy countertops. Epoxy is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to protect carvings or designs on their countertops.

Choose the right epoxy coat for your home

Olsen Concrete/Excavation has years of experience creating epoxy countertops in the Centertown, MO area. When you reach out to us, you can choose from a variety of epoxy coats, including:

  • Stone coat, an epoxy that is great for enhancing marble
  • SPARTACOTE, an epoxy that won't fade over time
  • Scratch-resistant coat, a durable, long-lasting coating

Contact us today to get started on your epoxy countertops in Centertown, MO. To make sure we get all of the air bubbles out of your epoxy, we'll torch your surface after your installation.